Thursday, June 30, 2011

She Sells Sea Shells

Wow even writing the title makes my tongue get tied!

This week I was at the beach and three adorable little girls came up to me to see if I had an interest in purchasing some sea shells.  When I asked the girl holding the bucket of shells how much she was selling them for she replied "one dollar."  "Wow one dollar, don't you think that's a bit much?"  , after all the beach was laden with sea shells; "No" she said she thought the price was perfect for the treasures that she had found. Not wanting to offend her high priced shells I told her that I'd gladly buy the entire bucket if I had brought my wallet down to the seashore, she said that I could have one for free. Isn't that just about the cutest thing? 

Her two friends also had a job , one of the girls let me know of a lemonade stand that they were going to have just outside the beach opening, specifically on the right hand side not the left , but we shouldn't come between 4:00 pm  because they would be getting their lemonade supplies. The other little girl just looked as cute as could be as she sat and buried the sand around her feet. Adorable.

If I had my purse with me I would have given the girls a dollar, not because the shells were worth it, but because the spirit in which they were presented was priceless. They were quite the entrepreneurs. I love summer days, it brings out the creative.

As they left me with my free sea shell I decided to collect a few more so that I could make another easy summer craft. Here's what I came up with, sea shell garland. It's easy, fun to create, and looks so summery hung anywhere.

1. Collect sea shells with holes

2. For the string I used dental floss. I measured the length that I wanted and left about a foot extra so that I could tie each shell.

3. I strung each shell and tied it as shown above. Be sure to leave a bit extra at each end for hanging. 

* Once you are done you can put the string over your shoulder so that the garland doesn't get tangled up on itself.*

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