Thursday, June 16, 2011


Ok, so picture this scene, I'm driving to my mom's house in Peabody, as I do several days a week when all of a sudden I see several police cars and hundreds of people gathering.  I of course stopped to see what was happening thinking that it may be an accident; luckily it wasn't. It was A MOVIE!!!! Yup you heard me, Adam Sandler was filming his new movie I Hate You Dad literally a stone's throw from my mother's house. I could hardly believe it. I immediately parked my car at my mom's house and walked over to the set. It's not that I'm the kind of star struck person that chases movie stars it's just exciting that this was happening in my childhood neighborhood. How could I resist?
Parking permit for the movie

We were able to catch a glimpse of Adam Sandler, Vanilla Ice, and Todd Briges as they filmed on Collins Street, in Peabody. It was amazing to see how they transformed a small quaint side street into a ghetto complete with graffiti and vandalized cars.

Condo complex transformed into a ghetto (photo courtesy of Jeannie Cunha)

I was told they were hiding out at the CLC, which happens to be a club that my lovely Goddaughter and childhood friend are on the committee of so I dialed them up to get the inside scoop. Here is my friend Jeannie Cunha with Vanilla Ice & Todd Briges. She told me that they were so down to earth. Vanilla Ice sat down at the piano and played Imagine. Can you image that? What fun. Adam Sandler signed autographs and took pictures with his fans. What a delightful Star Studded Stop Along The Way this was! 
Todd Briges, Jeannie Cunha,Vanilla Ice (photo courtesy of Jeannie)
Adam Sandler's Autograph
My hubbie with Vanilla Ice

I Hate You Dad is due to release in 2012 and is about a disagreeable father who moves in with his son before he's about to get married. 

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