Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Writing's On The Wall

I’m bored, and anyone that knows me knows that is not a good thing. When I get bored I create a new challenge for myself. I start to look around a room to see what can be altered or reinvented. I start to browse the streets to see what product there is a need for. 

It never stops just at the idea. Depending on how long I feel bored I start to sketch the new product,create a logo for it, and then write a business plan.... that's when it stops, at the financial section of the business plan because, well, I don’t have a cool million to invest, and I know that in about a week’s time the passion that I have for the product will diminish and I will be on to something new. I have about six products and business plans written. I think that there are potentially two winners in the bunch. 
Photo: Idea Paint

My boredom reminded me of a product that I found along my way. Idea Paint. Idea Paint is a paint that gives you the ability to transform smooth surfaces into  borderless, durable dry-erase canvases. The possibilities are endless. 

This product was founded by John Goscha and Co- founded by Morgan Newman in 2002 while they were students at Babson College. In an article with British Airways/Face To Face Morgen Newman describes how IdeaPaint was started:

Photo: Idea Paint
“The company was literally started in a college dorm room, when friends of mine and I were brainstorming and ran out of places to write down our ideas. We thought: 'wouldn't it be great to be able to turn any surface into a giant whiteboard?' Long story short: we created IdeaPaint which lets you do just that in homes, offices and schools."

How about you? What do you do when you get bored? Create? Destroy? Exercise? Change Jobs? Read? Let me know I'd love to know because writing business plans is quite boring.

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