Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's Your Gift?

Photo: Eric Schwartz Front of the MFA

We all have a gift, there are so many that I'd be hard pressed to list them all. An artist, a caregiver, a builder, a professional athlete, a leader, a writer, and the list goes on. What's your gift? Some people can answer that question quite simply. For me it's always been a question that's puzzles me. I can do a lot of things fairly well, but there is not one that I'd say was my "gift". I love it when I hear a story about someone who found their gift. They always seem so confident about their direction. If I only had one direction maybe it would be simpler to know what my gift was. Is it possible to have more than one gift? Now you see why I'm puzzled. 
Photo: Jeremy Schwartz - Close-up of Chihuly's 42'  Icicle Tree

One of my stops this weekend was to the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) in Boston where I saw an exhibit by Dale Chihuly, an artist that knows what his gift is and is extremely gifted. I'm not sure if you've ever seen his work , but if you have I'm sure that like me, you were "blown" (no pun intended) away. 
Photo: Isabella Schwartz

Dale Chihuly is often considered the greatest artist working in American glass since Tiffany. He has the extraordinary gift of blowing glass into forms that resemble leaves, tendrils, blossoms, baskets,and sea forms. After a car accident left him blind in one eye, making it impossible for him to blow, Chihuly assembled a team of glassblowers from around the world. In his studio he creates masterpieces that use the same techniques used by master Venetian glass makers. He has permanent collections in over 200 museums. That's impressive. 

Photo: Blue Island Girl
Here are some pictures that we took during our visit. If you can make a stop to the MFA I would HIGHLY recommend it, because these photos do not do the real thing justice. His installation Through the Looking Glass runs through August 7th. 
Photo: Jeremy Schwartz

Photo: Eric Schwartz My favorite blue chandelier 

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