Thursday, June 9, 2011

Preserve Your Traditions

Last Saturday morning we gathered at Peabody's City Hall to raise the Portuguese flag alongside of the American Flag in preparation for June 10th, Portuguese Day (Dia de Portugal). As the flag was going up and the choir began to sing the Portuguese anthem I remembered growing up in Peabody. Our traditions, amazing cuisine, festivals, music, and weekends immersed in our culture, brought us together and connected us. As the flag went up I was really proud to be a part of the Portuguese community. 

June 10th is an International day to recognize the significant contributions that Portuguese-Americans have made to the betterment of the City of Peabody and to the United States of America. It also represents the greatness of the Portuguese community through the celebration of Portugal's greatest poet Luis de Camoes who became the symbol of Portuguese immigrants of the United States.

Although I no longer live in Peabody I'm still very well connected to the city, and I hope to always seek to preserve and promote the traditions and heritage of the Portuguese-American descendants living in the City of Peabody.

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