Friday, June 10, 2011

Cute & Cuddly

Growing up we always had animals running around. Rabbits were one of my favorites. The best was when one was abandoned by its mother, we would take the little bunny, which resembled a baby mouse, and we would nurse it to health. Sometimes they would live, and we would keep them in our care until they were big enough to be placed back into a cage of their own. They'd stay around for a while until one day they weren't there anymore. As a child I didn't quite understand where they went.

The other day I stopped by my dad's house. He was really happy to share a surprise that he had with us. One of his bunnies had just had babies. There were six in total. My little lovely, being an animal lover couldn't  wait to pick them up. They were so cute and cuddly.

It reminded me of a story that I had read in Spiegel  of a German rabbit breeder that was in talks with North Korea about supplying giant bunnies to feed the people of North Korea. Apparently each of these bunnies was about the size of a dog and could feed up to twelve people. That's amazing. Now if only my sister's and I knew that there was a market for such a bunny we would have held on to our little bunny patients for a bit longer. 

Photo: Courtesy of Spiegel Online
Here's our dog Oreo having fun with one of the little bunnies. Nobody was hurt, and fun was had by all.

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