Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Craft & Reading

Two of my favorite things to collect when I walk the beach are sea glass and driftwood. Since it was raining, again, I took out my sea glass collection and thought I'd make an easy summer craft  that is fun for adults and children alike, a sea glass charm. 

3 steps and you're done:

1. Find a piece of sea glass

2. Cut a piece of wire ( I used approximately 10" of 26 gauge)

3. Wrap the wire around the glass, be sure to make a little loop at the top so that you can put it on a chain or rope

4. Place your sea glass charm on a chain, rope, or leather cord, and you have a piece of jewelry for any summer outfit.

To continue this sea glass theme I thought I'd share a book that I enjoyed reading a few years ago. Anita Shreve's  "Sea Glass". 

Publisher Comments:

It is a house on the beach. Honora doesn't mind renting — despite its age and all its flaws, the old house is the perfect place for a new marriage. She and Sexton throw themselves into fixing it up, just as they throw themselves into their new life together. Each morning, Honora collects sea glass washed up on the shore, each piece carrying a different story in its muted hues.

Sexton finds a way to buy the house, but his timing is perfectly wrong. The economy takes a sickening crash, and as financial pressures mount, Honora begins to see how little she knows this man she has married — and to realize just how threatening the world outside her front door can be.

Like those translucent shards that Honora finds on the beach, Sea Glass is layered with the textures, colors, and voices of another time. There is Vivian, an irreverent Boston socialite who becomes Honora's closest friend even as she rejects every form of convention. McDermott, a man who works in a nearby mill, presses Honora's deepest notions of trust — even as he embroils her in a dangerous dispute. And there's Francis, a boy whose openness becomes the bond that holds these people together as their world is flying apart.

Sea Glass is an unforgettable story of trust and betrayal, marriage and attraction, from one of the most persuasive, farseeing, and deeply engaging writers of our time.

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  1. I love sea glass! Where do you live that you have access to it? You have a beautiful blog, and I am your newest follower. Thank you also for adding me to your blog roll!