Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can You Spare One Jay?

Happy Summer!
During this time of year you can see a lot of classics with their tops silly I mean vintage automobiles. If I had money to burn I'd probably spend it all on them. I adore them. Among one of my favorites is the Porsche 356 Convertible. I found this one on one of my stops, it's the perfect model, color and year, the price...not so perfect.

I think that Jay Leno and I share this same passion; only differenc is that he can actually purchase them. Leno's collection occupies three football-field size warehouses. His first vehicle was a 1934 Ford pickup, but now his multi-million-dollar collection includes several Stanley Steamers, Lamborghinis, Bughattis, Bentleys, Jaguars, Deusenbergs, just to name a few. 

So Jay, can you spare one? I promise I'd take perfect care of your baby.

While celebrating Father's Day this past weekend I saw this little beauty basking in the sun. It's a Corvette, I'd say 1959. Sweet!

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