Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yummy Mummy Pearls of Wisdom

It's hard to believe that April is almost over. Looking back at my calendar I noticed that it's been slightly over a month that I launched this blog. I hope that you've enjoyed stopping with me. In celebration of my "slightly over 1 month" blog birthday, and of Mother's Day which, dare I say is right around the corner, I Stopped Along The Way is having its first giveaway. SWEET!!!

Several years ago I had the opportunity to meet  Melissa Roiter, mother of triplets, entrepreneur, and owner of Yummy Mummy Brownies. Melissa bakes some of the most decadent delights. As a child, Melissa's mother owned and operated a catering business. Growing up Melissa helped her mother in her catering kitchen and learned cooking and baking techniques. During the summer Melissa would bake with her grandmother Irene, and it was then that she learned that she loved baking. The recipe that Melissa uses to create her Yummy Mummy Brownies was handed down from her grandmother. 

As I began thinking about Mother's Day, and my giveaway I was reminded how moms/grandmothers around the globe pass on a little bit of themselves to their children. Sometimes, like Melissa's grandmother, it is a recipe, other times its a  family heirloom, or simply a piece of advice. Has your mother passed on some words of wisdom to you? I'm sure she has. Let me know what they are and you may win a box of Yummy Mummy Brownies.


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2- Tell me what the best piece of advice is that your mom/ grandmother has handed down to you.

If you are not on Facebook you can still be entered to win by simply following I Stopped Along The Way (simply click the follower icon on this blog) and leave your advice in the post a comment section.

Contest runs from April 26 thru May 5th
One winner will be randomly chosen to receive a Six Pack of Yummy Mummy Brownies(flavor of your choice $17.50 value)

Thank you Melissa for gifting a I Stopped Along The Way reader with a Yummy Mummy Brownie pack!! Click here to visit Yummy Mummy

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  1. The last thing my mother always said when we left the house and how she signed notes to us was: "RWYA" Remember who you are. It was always in the back of my head when facing choices and helped guide me to make good choices (usually!)

    PS: I "liked" you on FB too :)