Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Una Noche Magnífica Español

Una Noche Magnífica Español - A Magnificent Spanish Night

For eleven years our  friends Heidi & Craig have hosted a Valentine's  dinner. This year, because of snow days and schedules we celebrated this past weekend. Although this was a scheduled stop, I couldn't let the evening go by without a well deserved spotlight in my blog. The theme changes from year to year, highlighting a specific country. The food, decor, and music coordinate to the theme. We've been to France, Italy, China, just to name a few. This year, Spain. Heidi is extremely creative and always outdoes herself with the decor. She doesn't miss a single detail, and this year was no exception. Bright orange Gerber daisies, maps of Spain, and bowls filled with oranges  were spread throughout the house. So inviting, so festive, and so beautiful!

We started off the night with very tasty sangria, and cerveza that our friends Nancy & Scott  brought. Heidi decorated each glass with colored rubber bands and a small map clipping. There was no mistaking our glass so it made it easy to pick up where we left off.

Our friends Marci & George were in charge of the appeizers. They grilled mouthwatering ribs that were to die for. They also brought cheeses from Spain, a fig and almond loaf of yumminess, and tortas de aceite. 
Although I can't give Craig any credit for decor, I must say that he is the master behind the main meal. This year he cooked up an authentic Spanish Paella. It was like a taste bud explosion, meat, seafood, rice, vegetables, spices.....a big pot of awesomeness. If I hadn't stuffed myself with appetizers I could have easily had two more helpings. This picture is making me hungry and I want more!

We ended the evening with a plate of assorted desserts and coconut macaroons that yours truly made. This Barefoot Contessa recipe was super easy and really good. Thanks Tanya for the recipe.....Amazingly enough I didn't screw it up.

I hope you enjoyed this scheduled stop. Spring is here, maybe you'll be inspired to host your very own Una noche magnífica español if so below are some recipes to help you make entertaining seem as effortless as Heidi & Craig do. ! Enjoy!

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