Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today as I was going for a walk during my lunch break I smelled the most beautiful fragrance. It made me stop in my tracks to try to identify where it was coming from. I looked to my left and there it was - a blooming magnolia tree. …and then I did the unthinkable…. I clipped a flower off of it. As I walked back I kept digging my nose deeper and deeper into it, I couldn’t get enough of its aroma. Although there have been some signs of spring here in New England,  it has still been a bit chilly, so this was quite a treat to see a magnolia tree full of blooms.

When I got back to my office it slowly closed its petals. I think it was very upset with me that I had destroyed its potential to become something greater. That’s when I began to open its petals one by one….and that’s when I made the most wonderful discovery. Deep in its core, sheltered by its petals was an inner gem. It looked like a tiny cactus with pink pokers. Obviously it was not, but that is what it looked like to me. It reminded me of the fairy book that I read my lovely last evening. This fairy book had the extraordinary art and pages that unfolded and popped up making your eyes widen at every turn. For a moment my imagination took me to a fairy filled land with pixie dust and fireflies…….and then just as quickly as this fantasy begun, it ended to the sound of  my email chiming ding , ding, ding. That was the end of that daydream.

I often enjoy the joy of my imagination running wild. It reminds me to stop to delight in such discoveries, because you never know where they will take you. Today I challenge you to dig deep into the core of a flower, smell its aroma, scrutinize its every petal, jump deep into the heart of it, and dream, if only for a moment of an enchanted place in the middle of  the woods, far far away from those four walls that surround you daily. 

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