Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't Make A Peep - Just Buy Some

Remember wax lips, candy cigarettes, flying saucers, and Swedish fish? I do. There was a store down the street from my house that sold this type of nostalgic candy. The shelves were lined with candy and each piece cost pennies. I vividly remember finding a coin, walking down, and being totally satisfied for the rest of the day. A lot has changed since then, but you can still find stores locally that give you that same sense of satisfaction. This weekend I Stopped Along The Way at one of my favorite local candy shops, Prides Crossing Confections. I especially like visiting this time of year because the shelves are lined with chocolate Easter bunnies, Peeps, jelly beans, and so much more that if I continued it would make your mouth water. All the packages are beautifully wrapped and tied with colorful ribbon ready to make any child jump for joy. 

There are two things that I especially like about this shop. First I am in love with its location. Prides Crossing-MA, in an old train depot, could you get any more nostalgic than that? To me it represents a time when people took the train to Prides Crossing for a day at the beach. The second thing that I like is of course the candy. Whether you prefer Turtles, Fudge, Clusters or simply a fruit slice they have it, and you can bet that it is fresh, beautifully presented, and out of this world delicious. I have nothing vested in this statement other than the pure joy of sharing a stop that I know will be worth your time. Enjoy!  
590 Hale Street
Prides Crossing

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  1. Now I would like a flying saucer to munch on!