Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's A Royal..._______

Photo Credit: Mario Testino

...Farewell to Single Life
...Waste of Time
...Waste of Resources

Regardless of how you choose to fill in the blank, an estimated billion people are expected to watch Prince William & Catherine Middleton get married tomorrow, April 29th, and its being called a Royal Wedding!

As a teenager  I remember watching Prince Charles and Diana's  big day. My sisters and I were so excited to watch that we forget to factor in the time difference; luckily we figured it out the day before or we would have been asleep while the royal couple paraded through London.

I wonder what it is about events like this that make so many people, wait with anticipation? Is it the gown, the flowers, the cake, the crowds? For me it was the gown. At the time the media had placed such a heavy emphasis on Diana's 25' long train that I didn't want to miss it.   

Today there are so many ways that you can get the latest news, pictures and videos as the events unfold. From the official Royal Wedding website to Royal Wedding tweets it's easy to stay on top of the day's events without having to wake up at the crack of dawn.

This event got me thinking of one of my favorite books. THE COMMONER By John Burnham Schwartz. I happen to like that last name :-) so I got it from the library. I couldn't put it down!!   

The true story on which the novel is based is well known. In 1957, the Japanese crown prince, Akihito, met a beautiful young woman, Michiko Shoda, on a tennis court. She became the first commoner to marry into the imperial family. Despised by her mother-in-law as an upstart and interloper, Michiko eventually succumbed to a depression so intense that she temporarily lost the ability to speak. A generation later, her eldest son, Prince Naruhito, also fell in love with a commoner — again with dreadful results. - Sunday Book Review NY Times


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