Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some Days Just Stick

On Sunday after church we were driving home; there are a couple roads that lead there,  right is a prettier view, but left gets us home quicker. We were a little strapped for time so we went left. As we drove down the road I looked out my window and saw a very unique tree. It made me giggle when I saw it. I immediately asked my husband to stop the car and spin around so that I could share its creative form with you. 

As you can see it was chopped down, but its limbs were still holding it up. It reminded me of an enormous stick bug. Have you ever seen a stick bug? The first time I saw one I was in awe - #1 because I had never seen such a curious creature before #2 because it was nowhere near a tree or a stick, it was on a window. 
As we were taking the pictures, the owner came out....oh boy!.... You never know how a homeowner will react to a person on their property, after all he probably just wanted the tree gone and didn't see the humor in it. We immediately introduced ourselves and told him why we were taking pictures. He was extremely accommodating and such a pleasure to talk to.  Apparently someone in their Sunday best looks much different than that same someone in jeans and a sweatshirt because it took about  five minutes before my husband remembered that he attends our church and sits just a few pews back. We had been wanting to say hello but hadn't had the chance.  Amazing! I guess if God wants to place a person in your path he will literally chop down a tree, make it look like an enormous stick bug, and make you Stop Along The Way. 

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  1. Love the title of this post! It was a great stop along the way ... no question about it.