Friday, April 8, 2011

What's So Funny About That?

It was a cold and long winter and now a cold start to spring here in New England, so when I came home yesterday and saw that the thermometer read 59 I was tempted to sit on the porch and soak up the rays. My husband was enthusiastic about this idea but I told him the blog wouldn't write itself. He chuckled! Happy Funny Friday to you all! I was thinking about my post and wondered what it would include. I thought about this for a second and then it came to me. Isn't it funny how one thing can make someone laugh out loud to the point of tears, and the same thing can bore someone to the point of tears. Some YouTube videos are like that too. 
For instance the Friday song by Rebecca Black . To date it has 87,944,639 hits.  I don't particularly find it funny but who am I to stand up against 87,944,639 people(that's a crazy #).  

I'm not sure if I laugh at this because it's funny or because I can totally see myself in the mirror singing to this and looking quite odd as well. Keenan Cahill has a slew of these parody videos. He's really made a name for himself and has the numbers to back him up.

What about these talking twin babies. If you watch long enough you'll actually think that you can understand them, now that's a funny thought. 

And this one I really do like .Can your man......NO HE CAN'T... Where is the one that says can your women... Because anyone that knows my family unit knows that my husband is a genius when handling a computer mouse, but not so much when handing a power tool.

The weekend forecast is looking really warm - It may be time to switch wintery wools to warm weather whites. I'm excited because I love the sun and I love the heat too.

Thank you for coming along with me on my journeys this week. 
A lot of fun things prepared for next week so be sure to follow along!
Enjoy your weekend and any "Stops that you find yourself making Along The Way".


  1. Well, at least I do use Old Spice :-)

  2. Spring spring ....does Margaritas count? Forget spring just glad to hv drinks and Mexican does that count for tulips blooming somewhere? It has to...