Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Field of Dreams

One of the most beautiful things about life is the anticipation of something familiar that makes us incredibly happy. Spring is a season that offers so many of these familiar happinesses. The burning of brush, the buds on trees, the green of the grass, and the smell of fresh air. 

There is a field not far from my home that makes me extremely happy. I'm not sure who deserves the credit for it, and not sure if they do it for their own pleasure or for passerbys like myself, but I am sure of one thing, I really do delight in it. It's a field of daffodils. Placed so beautifully along the road, their bright trumpet centers seem to bellow out a loud and confident "spring is here". It beckons my attention and doesn't let me continue on my journey until I stop. 

This year when I Stopped Along The Way to take some photos of it, I couldn't help but remember how beautiful this time of year is in Nantucket. Every April they have a festival called Daffodil Days. This festival originated by the late Jean MacAusland, a summer resident of Nantucket, who persuaded the Nantucket Garden Club to sponsor a daffodil show on the island in 1974. Every year the islanders plant daffodil bulbs along roadsides, gardens, and in fields. Today an estimated three million yellow, orange, white and even pale pink daffodil varieties bloom around the island. It is really a sight to behold. If you've never has the opportunity to visit Nantucket I would suggest that an April jaunt is a must. This year the festival takes place April 29 - May 1. You'll enjoy decorating contests, parades, pageants, picnics, and ...oh yeah, millions of beautiful daffodils.

Click here for Daffodil Festival Nantucket Dates

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  1. I know that stop & I as well do look forward to it each spring. Thanks for sharing! It just put a smile on my face during this dreary, grey & rainy afternoon.