Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Need A Vacation

GREEN IS UNIVERSAL has partnered with,the world's handmade marketplace and destination for eco-friendly, upcycled and recycled products. They are giving away several products one of which is a Family Vacation to Universal Theme Park. Oh yes, I need a vacation!

To enter The Green is Universal Contest you must be:
A permanent, legal residents of the United States  (CHECK)
Eighteen  years of age or older (Definitely CHECK)
The purpose of this Contest is for the entrant ME to submit either a video or before, during, and after photographs that show how I recycle/reuse/upcycled an item to keep it out of the landfill. 

LIGHTBULB MOMENT, because I rescued a antique baby crawler out of the trash last summer, and now I have a purpose to recycle/ upcycle it. When I saw the baby crawler in the trash I immediately loved it because 1- it was real wood (not plastic) 2- you could see the scratches and baby marks on it 3- It had a really cool form, one little hoop to fit the baby into, and a larger one for their legs to flail about. 

I immediately ran to my studio to begin construction. I found sweaters that were originally destined for a black trash bag. I cut them into strips and started wrapping them around the crawler. I really enjoyed the texture and color, but what was I making? Viola- a multi purpose home décor.  

It can be a lampshade (as shown)
It can be a sculpture prominently placed in any room  
If can be a stool/ alternative poof by simply adding a small round pillow to it.

Wish me luck, I'm going to enter my multi purpose / reinvented baby crawler today. 
I hope I win because I really need a vacation.

Click here for details

My project is under Home Decor - it is called No More Crawlin' Baby
Cast a Vote April 9-15

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