Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet Mrs. Colorful formerly Ms. Blah

I hope it was worth the wait. Here is the end result. Say hello to Mrs. Colorful formerly Ms. Blah. What do you think?

Here is Ms. Colorful Installed In The Bathroom

There is so much that you can do with things that you currently have at home. Here's how I turned Ms. Blah into Mrs. Colorful.

1.I took several 4" fabric swatches that I had originally cut for a quilt and sewed them together.

2. Folded the swatches over so that there were no frayed edges.

3. Positioned the fabric over the brown dashes and stitched away.

Today I challenge you to get out your sewing kit, go through your draws and closets. Cut, embellish, bedazzle. You'll surely feel a sense of creativity,accomplishment, and frugalness (is that a word?). Enjoy!

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