Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It’s like a Double Doozy “I Stopped Along The Way” Story

It’s reasons like this that I was inspired to write this blog. It’s like a Double Doozy “I Stopped Along The Way” story.
I stopped by my friend’s house to drop of a dragon,  no not a real dragon,  a clay one that her son and I made on our “date”.  
I expected for it to be  a quick visit,  but anyone  that knows me knows that my favorite line is “i gotto go” (I say it at least 6 times before I make it out the door)
Well today was no exception because Oooohh  she had so much eye candy that I felt like I was at an antique store or on Antique Roadshow.  
I’m talking beautiful furniture that her grandmother Peg passed down to her recently when she passed on at the beautiful age of 100.5.
This stop along the way gave me a glimpse of life  back in the 1900’s, and really made my heart sing. 
Sometime around 1920 her great grandfather, a doctor,  was making a house call in his horse and buggy. 
Along side of him was my friend’s grandmother  who at the time was a child. 
As they traveled to their destination he  happened across a set of chairs that were on the porch of a women’s home. 
He fell in love with them so he “Stopped Along The Way” and asked if she’d be willing to sell them.  
She accepted and sold them to him.  Today those same chairs proudly find themselves in my friend’s living room. 
In addition to the chairs she also has old pipes that were handed down. You can see how her great-grandfather and grandfather would  strike the pipes on the chairs as they enjoyed their evening.  
Imagine how many people have sat on these chairs? How many stories were told on them? How many happy and sad times they saw.   
Over 100 years of history just from one simple “Stop Along The Way”.
Thank you to my friend Linda for her story & her photos! 


  1. What a great story. I'm not sure why it made me cry. Not sad tears but happy ones. Thank you so mush Cid and Cid's friend for sharing that great story. I gotto to go. LOL

  2. I was afraid to sit in them!

  3. Thanks Pee Wee, and thanks for checking in daily- you rock, just like Bon Jovi