Monday, March 28, 2011

If I Could Turn Back Time

Every year around this time I must stop on Chestnut Street in Salem, MA. Have you ever been? First of all it is approximately 80 feet wide. For today's standards I think that is pretty amazing. Secondly if you like architecture this street will take your breath away. It is lined with the most grand homes dating back to the 1800's. These homes were originally built  for sea captains and merchants of the day. Imagine!
I always stop at #34 Chestnut Street, The Phillips House. It is one of the jewels of this street. The Phillips House was purchased in the 1911 by Anna Wheatland Phillips who bought the home for “$1.00 and various sundries. ......That's it, If I could turn back time I'd go back to the 1900's because I have a dollar, and a boat load of sundries too!  
Among the obvious reasons that I make this a "Must" Stop Along The Way the other reason is one that captured my heart several years ago. Around this time of year the lawn at #34 is filled with these white flowers. They are so happy and hopeful that I can't resist them. I want to pluck them out of the ground and bring them home with me, but since I can't,  I find myself  longing for their arrival, welcoming them, and then bidding them a farewell until next year.  I'm so glad that I made this stop. I hope you will too. They will probably be around for a few more weeks, but after that they will be gone, so don't delay!

P.S. The Philips House is the only house on Chestnut Street that is open to the public. Take a tour you won't be disappointed. 
Open Tuesday - Sunday, June - October
Saturday and Sunday, November -
11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 
Admission $5 adults
$4 seniors
$2.50 students
Free for Historic New England members and
Salem residents

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