Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm Feeling Lucky & Green

Are you feeling Lucky Today? or just a bit Green? 
Either way today's stop will not only make you lucky but also green.

Three of my most favorite things to do is to Stop Along The Way at antique shops, consignment shops, and yard sales. Although my family has become tolerant of  my frequent stops, I prefer to stop alone. By myself I can browse till my hearts content, uninterrupted! 

One of my favorite antique shops is Howard's Flying Dragon. I'm not sure when my first stop was, but its been years now that I find my car pulling to make a Stop Along The Way. Whatever random thing you may need, I can probably place money on it that they have. Need 50 baseball bats? They've got it. Need 100 buoys? No challenge. Need an antique vase, hat, frame, birdcage,lantern, shoe form,.... C'mon you can do better than that because They've Got It!! If you can spare a little time browsing, you won't be disappointed. It's always a fun stop. If time doesn't allow you to stop be sure to take a peek at the windows. A few times a month the lovely Miss Cathy changes the words on the window. They are always relevant and creative. Today Irish Kiss tomorrow...You'll have to stop to see. Enjoy!  

One of my favorite consignment shops is in the little coastal town of Manchester-by-the-Sea. The Stock Exchange consigns quality items and always displays them beautifully. Recently I bought a sweater as a gift for a friend. It was in excellent condition. I felt lucky for the money that I saved, and green for saving the sweater from an otherwise unfortunate death of a black trash bag. Luck & Green all wrapped up into one!

If you ever have the chance to visit don't pass up the $1 shelf. I assure you that you will be delighted with your finds. I got a vase, platter, plate, and book for $4 on one of my visits. C'mon how can you pass that up. Four happy people benefited from that Stop Along The Way! If you were one of them, sorry I only spent $1 on you, but I know you loved what you got!

Want to continue your lucky streak? 
Today thru Sunday The Children's Drop & Shop is holding their SPRING SUMMER EVENT.  The Children's Drop & Shop is a service that provides an outlet for families to consign their hi-end clothing, gear & furniture all the while being green. This year it will take place at the Brookwood School in Manchester-by-the-Sea. The staff is particular about what they allow so you can be assured that what you'll see is worthy of your time. Hope you get lucky!

Thursday - 7 - 9 PM (Pre-sale)
Friday 10 - 8 PM 
Saturday 10 - 5 PM
Sunday 12 - 5 PM (50% off!)

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