Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creation From A Crafty Chica

I know you couldn't sleep because you were anxiously awaiting to see how I was going to take the inspiration necklace and make it into my creation. 

I won't make you wait another minute......Tah Dah

What do you think?

Here's how to create your very own color popping necklace:

1.  Choose your fabric, small swatches will do
2.  Cut them into 4" circles
3.  Make yo yos out of them click here to learn how to make a yo yos
4.  Organize the yo yos into an arrangement that will look good on your neck 
5.  Sew one yo yo to another
6.  Get out all of your vintage buttons and pins, and arrange them on the yo yos as you wish
7.  Fasten or pin the chosen pins, buttons, etc... onto the yo yos
8.  Choose the chain for the necklace (I took apart an old necklace that I had)
9.  Feed a ribbon through the chain (per side approx. 6" of chain, approx. 1 yard.   ribbon)
10. Sew the ribbon and chain to the yo yos 
11. Sew the ribbon to the chain (be sure to leave approx.. 6" of extra ribbon so that you can tie it around your neck)   
12. Wear it well!

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  1. Oh yes, brings me right back to 1986 "She's Crafty" ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Licensed_to_Ill