Monday, March 7, 2011

1st Stop - My Kitchen - To Create My Calling Cards

Although these cards were really time consuming, I was really pleased with the end product.
What do you think?

  1. Designing the calling card was tons of fun. Stamps, papers, scissors!
  2. I cut the map, and recycled grocery bags into strips. I chose the map of Portugal for good luck (because that's where I'm from). It was really colorful too!
  3. I secured the map to the calling card.
  4. I stamped each piece of brown paper with one of my favorite stamps "star", and then secured that piece to the card.
  5. Now the fun part, sewing each card with bright red thread.
  6. Almost finished... cards or garland?..... wait for it, wait for it...
  7. Voila , my calling cards


  1. These are totally radical, amigo!

  2. I love your calling cards. They are adorable. I am so excited to see where your adventures take you.

  3. Be careful of your fingers while using that Singer. Stitched fingers are no fun ;-)