Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Head Is Swirling With Sawdust

It's a funny thing, traffic. Sometimes it can be a nuisance and other times a welcome break. Today I was on my way to the sandy shoreline when I found myself in the middle of traffic. I stopped and looked to the right and noticed a little woodworking shop tucked down a driveway. I had never really noticed it before, but since the traffic happily placed me right in front of it I decided to stop and see what it was all about. I'm glad I did. The owner Friedel immediately welcomed me into his studio. He showed me his woodworking paradise and some projects that he was working on. It didn't take long to see that Friedel was an expert in his craft of creating things from wood. His projects range from recreating intricate ball and claw legs, high boy chests, custom tables, boat trailboards, cabinetry, and so many other beautiful works of art. 

Do you have a family heirloom that is just shy a leg or a mate? Do you have a nook that is calling for a specific piece of furniture? If it's made of wood Friedel's workshop should be a "Stop Along Your Way". If you don't have a need, but like me, can't resist antiques and sawdust filled shops, I assure you that you'll delight in a fine conversation with Friedel.

Friedl Brosch 
143 Main Street
Essex, MA 978-768-7486

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