Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Stop Along Memory Lane

It was great to see the sun shining and snow melting so I had no excuse not to go for a walk. I was happy that I did because on my journey I saw a tree. Although it was barren it had the most wonderful gift in between the branches. A nest. No little birdies to be found, but what I did find was myself taking a stop along memory lane. The nest reminded me of my little birdie. During the winter and early spring days before the leaves began to grow on trees, and whenever we'd go for rides in the car she'd look out the window and say "I love looking at the trees when there are no leaves on them", "why" I'd say?, and she would reply "because I can see all the birds' nests." I hope you'll discover some vacant homes soon to house our feathered friends. Their contrast against the blue sky and brown branches is really beautiful. I smiled for the rest of the day thinking about how children have so much delightful things to share. Today I hope you encounter a stop along memory lane.  

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  1. I know who you are talking about in this post.