Thursday, May 26, 2011

That's Fresh

Do you have a particular room in your house that drives you crazy? You know, the room that always feels unfinished? Are you tired of rearranging your furniture only to find that you didn't achieve the look that you were going for? If anyone knows me and has been to my house they know that I answered YES to all three questions. You see, I love my house, I truly do, it's small, cozy and just right for my family and I. Its open format makes it feel larger than it is, but it can also be a bit challenging too. The room that puzzles my creativity is my  living/dining room. It is open straight through therefore I am constantly moving things around trying to get the right look and feel. This has been going on for years, and everyone that has stepped through the door has been asked how they would redesign the room using the furniture that they see. They seem as puzzled as me, but inevitably we'd move the couch here, and television there, and viola' same result. A few months later same questions, different victim, same result. Apparently my sister had had enough listening to me complain about this room because today she brought in the big guns- Sam Avola, a professional designer. 

First I took Sam for a tour of each room so that he'd get a sense of our style. After the five minute tour we were back to "the room". He looked around , but unlike all of my other victims his eyes didn't glaze over or even look puzzled, they looked anxious to redesign. Was there hope? I guess there is a method to the maddness because he kept spewing out design stats 3" here, eye level there, we need height, negative space, and it started to make sense. About an hour later, without needing to purchase anything new we were able to transform the room. Just by having a fresh pair of eyes on the layout, furniture, rugs, artwork and accessories Sam was able to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects our personality and lifestyle. 

If you have a "room" or a "house" that needs an extra set of design eyes, Sam's your man! Do yourself a favor, save your money, and re-use things that you already have. That's Fresh! 

Here's his contact:
Sam Avola

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