Monday, May 16, 2011

A "LOVEly" Note

I'm typically not the kind of person that believes in superstitions, but this past Friday the "13th" when Blogger was down I wondered if there was anything to this unlucky 13th sort of thing. I hope you didn't miss my post too much, I can't promise that it won't happen again, but some things are just our of my control.

This "LOVE"ly note that I received on Friday the 13th put my fears of superstitions to rest. When I came home there was a box on the table with this sticky note taped to it. Oooohh I could hardly wait to open it. I was so happy when I did because it was an Apple  iPad.  I had been wanting one for quite some time now; not because I need one, because seriously who really needs one? For me I really wanted one because I knew it would help me share "me" in a much simpler and funner way. Yipee! I like it when it's someone else making the "Stops Along The Way"- A BIG thanks to my Lovely!


  1. ** Blushing ** - Now I'm embarrassed that the blogosphere knows ...

  2. Yea, Eric!!!! I just got one today!