Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Really Simple

Ok, so I'm still full from my gluttonous eating frenzy, but the rest of my household is not, so you know what that means. It's time to get in gear and get some groceries in the house. I find that if I neglect to go food shopping during the weekend when Monday rolls around the cupboards are bare and the refrigerator is only keeping a leaf of lettuce cool. 

I don't know about you, but growing up my mother just seemed to throw things together. One minute I'd see a bag of potatoes, the next a meal fit for a king. I don't seem to have the same knack, but I do notice that if I take the time to go grocery shopping before the week begins I have a better chance of putting a good home cooked meal on the table. 

A few months ago in Real Simple Magazine they had a section devoted to weekly dinner recipes that spanned for the entire month. Complete with grocery lists. I thought this was a fabulous idea for so many reasons. 1- A no brainer dinner menu. 2- It got us to try new recipes, many of which we continue to make. 3- Because they gave you the perishable items in the beginning of the week there was less waste. 4- One visit to the grocery store. 

Courtesy of Eat At Home Website

Courtesy of Eat At Home Website
Today I found myself wondering what I should make for dinner tonight, and for the week. I searched the web to try to get some ideas. I stopped along the way at a website that I thought you'd all enjoy. Eat At Home. Everyday Food For Busy People. It's packed with quick and easy recipes, weekly planners, creative uses of things that you have in your fridge, and so much more.  I browsed the website and really liked its layout. It was really simple to navigate through, and shows pictures of what you are attempting to make. Real Simple! By tomorrow I will be ready to eat again, this time in a much smaller quantity than I did on Saturday. Tomorrow night it's Italian Chicken & Rice Casserole. Sounds good right?!

For the full recipe visit their website: Eat At Home 


  1. What a great website. I clicked on your link to Eat at home and all the meals look so good and simple. I never know what to serve my family and this site planned it all for me. LOVE IT!! I can not wait to try some of these out. :)

  2. Thanks!! So glad that you liked it.