Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Are You Living Simply?

The other day I was driving to one of my various stops when I noticed the bumper sticker on the car in front of me. It said Live Simply. It made me wonder about my own life, was I living simply? I've always thought of myself as a rather simple gal. I don't keep many piles laying around the house, and only buy things that I need; well actually I take that back I have been known to indulge in an extra pair of shoes or a rare antique object, but overall I think I'm pretty simple. This weekend when I helped my little lovely clean her room I wasn't convinced that we were living the simple life. Piles of books, gently loved stuffed animals, clothes just a tad too tight, and knick knacks galore, the cleanup took hours. There was nothing simple about it. It was simply exhausting, and frustrating too! 

It got me thinking about how I can change the way that we live. What do we really NEED? Simply put all we need is Food,shelter,clothes, and transportation (debatable) am I missing anything? It sounds so easy so why do we choose to clutter our lives and not live with less? Is it unrealistic to think that it can be done? Don't worry, I'm not going off the deep end and moving into the tree house, but I must admit, a small space makes you very selective about what you bring into it. 

In the above video Marta lives with her family in a 47 sq. meter apartment and Kirsten has a really cool Lego style 24 sq. meter space. 

What about you? How are you living? Simply? 

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