Friday, May 6, 2011

Muthahood & The Winner!


Thanks you all for participating in I Stopped Along The Way's very first contest. I really enjoyed receiving your emails, Facebook, and Twitter posts on the advice that your mom/grandmother had passed on to you. 

My mother has given me several good nuggets, I will share one with you. Originally this got passed down to her from her mother. She always gives me her advice in Portuguese so hopefully it'll translate properly.

"Don't spit up, it'll always hit you in the face"
In other words don't talk badly or judge someone. It will always come back to get you. I found myself testing this advice one day when I was at the market. I saw a little child rolling around and screaming. I spit up alright..."OMG If that were my child..."  Well, as I'm sure you can imagine the spit hit me in the face about a week later when my little lovely decided to pull a fit in the middle of the Verizon. Embarrased and ashamed, I learned my lesson.


Here is some motherly advice submitted by YOU!!:

My mom told me that you can't do everything - you can try but something is gonna give. So, you can do everything, but just not well. - Stacey

Always wear comfortable shoes - Don
The last thing my mother always said when we left the house and how she signed notes to us was: "RWYA" Remember who you are. It was always in the back of my head when facing choices and helped guide me to make good choices (usually!)-PstLyDiva 

"The best advice that my grandmother gave me was to respect myself, act in a respectful manner, expect others to show you respect, do not accept disrespect and others will treat you respectfully! -Linda

The best advice my mom gave me was to put things away when I was done with them because if not I would just have to put them away later!  No one else was going to do it for me!!!" - Linda

The best advice I recieved was actually from my mother in law... when people are making your crazy in your life and there is no reasoning with these people (I think we all have a few of these people in our lives!) she tells me this old Sicilian saying that translates in English to "nod your head like a donkey!". basically you just nod and smile at these people and dont let them bother you, life is too short! - Amanda

When my parents dropped me off at college, as they left, my mother looked me straight in the eye and said, "Tommy, don't do anything stupid."- Tom
"Don't share the details of a fight you have with your husband with your mother.  She will remember how hurt and upset you are long after the fight is over and may think differently of the many you love and long since forgiven." - Lori


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  1. Thanks Tia....I finally got a tag necklace thanks to your post from and it just came today I luv it!! Happy Mothers Day to me!! And you my luv!