Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cloud 9

There's a big ball of wonderfulness outside and I feel like I'm on Cloud 9. When I went out at lunch I wanted to twirl around like a little girl until I got dizzy and fell to the ground. Since I was in the parking lot I thought that wasn’t a good idea so I went for a brisk stroll. While I was walking I looked up at the clouds. They looked so striking against the beautiful blue sky. Do you ever take the time to look up? I do, I always do. I love to look at the sky, it's one of my favorite stops. 

While my head was in the clouds I was reminded of a gift that I received a few years back from my sister in law. Apparently she knew me pretty well because she got me this print by Brian Andreas / Proper Steps. It was made especially for me and she knew it. The print reads:

I only do this until I get dizzy and then I lay down on my back and watch the clouds she said...It sounds simple but you won't believe how many people forget the second part.  


Today I hope you take a minute to look up at the sky. I promise, regardless if its sunny or cloudy you will find something beautiful in it; a little hidden treasure wrapped perfectly for you. It'll make you spin, it'll make you dizzy, it'll make you happy! Promise! 

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