Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How's Your Keister?

Do you sit on your keister all day? Or does your work allow you to be a bit more mobile? Unfortunately my job requires me to sit for the good part of the day. At times I feel as if my keister is taking on the shape of my chair. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling. For mother’s day my husband and my little lovely gifted me with a Huffy Cruiser, well a picture of one. When I saw the 26” on the card I wasn’t quite sure if they were giving me subliminal messages about the size of my bottom, or if that was the height of the bike. Phew, it was the height of the bike! At lunch my husband and I went to Walmart to look at the Cruisers. He thought it would be a good idea if I chose the one I wanted before he ordered it and had to set it up. Here is the one that he had in mind for me, nice right?!

Unfortunately they were out of stock. Wahhhh! Luckily it's been rainy and cold so I don't intend to hop on and cruise any time soon. I can’t wait to order my very own though, I think I’ll  look super fabulous riding down the road, making my stops, and getting some exercise on my new Huffy Cruiser.

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  1. Nice set of wheels mamazita! That will be awesome can't wait to see it. Too bad you can't ride that cruiser to Newton. But maybe to the beach!