Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Small Fortune

It's that time of year again, back to school, back to college, and back to an empty wallet (well, mine is pretty empty all the time). While clicking here and there I happened across these extremely lovely fortune cookie coin purses designed by Diana Eng. The talented Diana was educated at RISD and started her career as a designer on Bravo’s Project Runway, Season 2. Impressive!  
Diana Eng website

Diana Eng website
When I saw these I immediately thought of my niece who is starting her first year of college. Aaaah, the wonderful world of college, no idea of what's ahead of you, no family around you, no sleep, and no money. Wouldn't this be a sweet gift for a college student? With a special note of good fortune and well wishes inside, it is sure to brighten their day.

Made in the USA and created from recycled leather, these purses measure 4” x 4” x 2”. Each purse has a unique laser etched ID number. So unique! The coin purses come with an adorable bag and printed fortune inside. So Sweet!

Diana Eng website

Although I would love to get my niece one and tuck a small fortune in it for her fresh new start in college  I'm already making her a quilt to comfort her through this new chapter in her life. Oh well,  I may have to get myself one.....to hold my small fortune.

Click here to see some additional products that designer Diana Eng has to offer.   

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