Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sunny & Bright

Last month while I was in Maine I made a stop a the Echo Lodge. Back in 1950 the property was a golf course, today it is a sunny and bright spot for passersbys to enjoy. The first thing that caught my eye was this wonderful orange pickup. I think an antique vehicle enhances any property and should be factored into everyones decor; and you know I'm a sucker for antiques so I had to stop.

In 2004 Christine & Carl Plummet started the Echo Lodge. While I was poking around Christine came in with an armful of vegetables. Her bright smile welcomed me, and it wasn't long before she placed her pickings in a basket and took me outside for a tour. 

We took a walk through the sunflower patch which has several varieties that I had never seen before, one in particular, the Moulin Rouge. Its color is rich, velvety, and a deep red. It's the dark one featured in the lovely bouquet below.  

We continued towards the vegetables where we found this little friend, a humongous tomato hornworm. If you happen to find one of these in your garden I recommend that you take it out and look at it under a microscope. They are gorgeous but can eat at a rapid pace, and before you know it your garden will be consumed. 

In addition to the fresh vegetables, homemade breads, and beautifully arranged flowers, the Echo Lodge also has a community garden where many locals stop by to get pick up vegetables for there daily meals. Luckily this year there was more than enough to go around so the Echo Lodge was able to provide fresh produce to local food pantries.

If you're driving through Rt 121 in Raymond, Maine be sure to stop by. 
(207) 655-4893 

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