Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chill Out Irene & Sit On A Hammock

Last week as the East Coast prepared for the arrival of hurricane Irene I found myself taking down lawn furniture, umbrellas, and my beloved hammock. I’ve enjoyed many summer days and evenings on my hammock; endless hours staring at the blue sky, cuddling with my little lovely, enjoying a book, and swinging peacefully back and forth. Taking down the hammock in preparation for the forecasted hurricane is like taking away a little piece of my heaven so instead if disassembling it I simply dragged it into my garage.

Courtesy of The Big Hammock

As I did I was reminded about The Big Hammock, an art project in Boston by Hansy Better. The concept that Hansey had was to design, and build a huge hammock and install it on the Greenway in Boston. She called this project The Big Hammock.

Situating a hammock within a public park is intended to create a new way to interact with and admire the urban and historical setting, complimenting the Greenway as space of public leisure. The hammock was on a self supporting steel frame and was 8’ x 38’ and hung 36” from the ground. Isn’t that so cool!

Courtesy of The Big Hammock
I’m happy that my hammock isn’t the size of The Big Hammock, and is much easier to drag into my garage than the The Big Hammock, that way if Irene really picks up speed I can simply open my garage and enjoy a little piece of heaven.

I think Irene needs to chill out and sit on The Big Hammock for a while, I’m sure she’d find it most relaxing.

Click here for a video of The Big Hammock

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