Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Honestly, How Can You Resist!

Several years ago when my BFF was living on Martha's Vineyard I had the opportunity to visit her many times. I love everything about the Vineyard. The  landscape, people, beaches, quaint shops, and unexpected surprises. One of those unexpected surprises was a colorful array of cut flowers-roadside. Often times when we were visiting a friend or relative for dinner we'd make a stop to purchase a bouquet of these beauties. This was one of my favorite stops because these flowers were from a person's home, cut fresh that day, and placed into  bundles ready to be sold - on the honor system of course. Love that!!

When we moved about six years ago to our home, I was thrilled when I was driving down the road and found a similar unexpected surprise.  A roadside explosion of color. I immediately stopped.

DeJager's is a local landscaping company that also sells imported Holland bulbs. During the summer months they place a table outside of their building and they sell cut flowers. Depending on the time of year they may have a variety of Gladiolus, Tulips, or Zinnias, but by far my favorite is when they are selling the Dahlias. The first time that I saw them I was blown away. Honestly, how can you resist a 10" round bright yellow Dahlia?

Dahlia's come in a blast of different colors, shapes and sizes, and can reach six feet in height! If you need a little color on your table, or a beautiful bouquet to brighten someone's day be sure to make this one of your stops.  DeJager's offers a stunning variety, your choice 3 for $5, honor system of course. Love that!! 

DeJager's is located at:
188 Asbury Street, Hamilton, MA (978) 468-1117 

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