Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Manchester Arts Festival - #1

I love being around creative people. As a creative person myself, it helps me look at things differently and inspires me to be artistic in everything that I do; whether it’s re-purposing a chair, making a special card for a friend, wrapping a gift, or simply getting dressed in the morning.  

A couple of  weeks ago I stopped by the Manchester Arts Festival which took place in Manchester-by-the-Sea. This year’s festival featured  fine art, sculpture, textiles, pottery, jewelry, apparel & accessories, garden ornaments, photography, paintings, and more!

These photos should give you a glimpse of the day, and hopefully these artists will inspire you to create.

Here are some that caught my eye during my stop.

Kreative by km KreativebyKM@gmail.com
Just like Kristen, her creations are colorful, sweet, and adorable. At the festival Kristen displayed many key fobs, handbags, camera straps, baby one-seez, and small clutches. 

I'm a sucker for nautical, screen printed items, and little pooches so when I ran into Agnes Magnolia I had to stop. Three friends / artists form Agnes Magnolia. They handcraft and hand screen print their items using organic materials when they can. For their story about how they got their name, and their pooch mascot, visit their Etsy shop.
Snowbound Pottery www.snowboundpottery.com
Potter Anna Kasabian creates these little lovelies by hand, in her hands, not on a wheel. They are so delicate and beautifully glazed; a must have in any room of a home.

Back in the early 90's I remember making decoupage purse and jewelry with my friends Tracey and Cathy so when I saw Jenn Sherr's booth I had to stop. Her decoupage bracelets and handbags have been featured in many newspapers and magazines, and have made their way into the "clutches" of celebrities. 

That's it for today, I'm going to shuffle through my pictures and show you some you more tomorrow. Need a gift? Support and artist!

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