Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In The Weeds

Did you know that seaweed is rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals? And when compared with plants that grow on land, seaweed or sea vegetables from the ocean, are 20 times more nutrient-dense.

Wow- I'm glad that I like seaweed.

Last week when my cousins were visiting from Canada one of my stops took me to the shoreline of Magnolia, MA to collect seaweed for a family feast. As a child I remember waiting for low tide, climbing the rocks, and collecting seaweed off the rocks.  When we’d get home my mother would prepare the seaweed and we would eat it.

At the time I didn’t know that it had so many healthy benefits, I just knew that it was a delicious treat, and whenever we ate it meant that we had guests from out of town that didn’t live near the ocean. Thanks to my cousin's visit I was able to relive days gone by.

My mother and I picked for about an hour. We laughed as we contemplated whether or not we had enough. We screeched as we slipped on the rocks. We enjoyed the moment and reminisced about the past. It was a beautiful evening, one that I will treasure.
After we finished we sat and looked out at the ocean. I felt blessed to live in such a breathtaking area. I felt blessed to have a mom that is a true friend; a kind, humble and giving women.
Thank you  Canadian cousins- for deciding  to visit us on your vacation. You could have gone anywhere in the world but you chose us. If you hadn't come to visit I may not have made this stop with mom. I love you & the time we spent together.....but happy you're gone because the extremely late nights/early mornings were killing me. Kisses!

Do you want to try making seaweed? It's easy.
1- Pick the brown seaweed (the soft one not bumpy) off the rocks by simply pulling it
2- Pick through and cut any long pieces
3- Marinate it overnight in a little red wine, garlic, and red pepper(Goya)
4- Put a little oil in a pan and put in the seaweed. Cook for apx. 20 minutes stir occasionally
5- Consume with tons of Portuguese corn bread and a glass of red wine. YUMMY!!

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