Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eat Fresh, Eat Local, Eat Well

Have you ever had a stop that you wanted to make but kept putting it off? "Next time I'll stop, no time right now to stop, if I only had 20 extra minutes I'd stop". This is the case with a stop that I finally made today. 

I had been wanting to stop at Apple Street Farm many times, but I was always on my way somewhere, or coming from somewhere. Today when I found myself with a few extra minutes to spare I pulled right in to see what the  farm was all about. 
Located on Apple Street in Essex, MA, this farm may be hard to find unless you live on the street, or use Apple Street as as a cut through (that's what I do). Several months ago I saw a cart at the entrance to the property filled with fresh vegetables, I knew I wanted to stop, but was unable to. The next time I drove by I saw a tent popped up in the back. My interest peaked, but still no time to spare. Today there wasn't a cart or tent, just a few friendly faces willing to share their 14 acre New England treasure with me.
While workers were busy plucking and watering the crops, Liz, the farm manager was busy packaging up fresh heirloom vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers, to be distributed to farm owner and chef Frank McClelland's famed Boston restaurantsand featured on his daily menu. 

His motto Eat Fresh, Eat Local, Eat Well.

In addition to supplying their harvest to restaurants the farm also sells their vegetables at their farm stand, offers farm shares, holds cooking classes and has a dinner series during the summer that I hear is top class!

Click here for additional information about Apple Street Farm  

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