Thursday, July 28, 2011

Small Spaces, Big Ideas

Have you ever seen a double decker bus transformed into a vintage dress shop? How about an old train car gone chic? Here are two ladies that had a big idea for their small spaces.
Photo by Leela Cyd

In Portland, Oregon Erin Sutherland transformed a 1965 double decker British bus into a vintage dress shop called Lodekka. The bus is a 1965 Bristol Lodekka. “Lodekka” is a made-up word to indicate that the bus is low to the ground and has a “low deck.” 
Lodekka carries vintage clothing and accessories for women, shirts, shoes and furnishings for men, knick-knacks and ephemera. If I'm ever in Portland, Oregon you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be hopping that bus.

In Essex, MA Lily Ellis transformed an old train car into a fabulous chic shop called Etta Place.
  Etta Place was a companion to the American outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Although Lily is no outlaw (at least I don't think she is), she certainly has an adorable train car to hide out in if she is. 

From the moment you walk in you feel as if you are in your own home surrounded by many "pretty things". Jewelry, handbags,toys,linens,antiques and grandma's juice glasses; oh, and don't let me forget the yummy treats in the penny candy nook. 

If you're in the area you must make Etta Place one of your stops, I think you'll agree that Lily has a big idea for her small space. 

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