Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Know Its Meant To Be When...

I'm not the kind of person that likes a project to remain unfinished for long. Typically if I'm needing something in particular I start my hunt with positive " I Will Find It" attitude, and I usually do. Although this seems to work about 95% of the it didn't happen when I was searching for a lamp for my side table. I searched for quite some time but came up empty handed. 

This past weekend I decided to make a stop at a local second hand store. I had a good feeling about this stop, I felt I was going to find the lamp I was looking for. As I browsed around I looked at several lamps, but none said "I'm yours". As I was leaving my eye caught a glimpse of this beauty, a Pocahontas Water Bottle that had been converted into a lamp.

Now here's the crazy thing; Pocahontas Spring Water Co. was originally started by The Smith family in 1901. In 1963 the LeColst family purchased Pocahontas Spring Water Co. Today Donny LeColst, and his family still bottle water from the same natural spring that was discovered in 1901 by the Smith family. Donny is not only an acquaintance of mine, but has been delivering water to our office for over ten years. When I saw this lamp I knew it was meant to be. It had all of the qualities that I was looking for; it was unique, an antique, and had a story to go along with it. 

Now it wouldn't be right to finish the post without giving you a little nugget. Pocahontas's water is the best water that you'll ever taste. They pride themselves on having 100% pure All-Natural spring water, with absolutely no additives. At their facility, which is located in Peabody, you can see the source first hand. You can also bring empty water bottles and fill them - ONLY 25 cents for a gallon jug. That's crazy! What a savings, and I can assure you that you will enjoy the experience because Donny & his brothers are quite the characters.

Pocahontas Spring Water Co.
Pocahontas Spring Water
163 Rear Lowell Street
Lynnfield, MA 978-265-5910
The Self Serve is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm.
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