Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Are You Drinking Enough?

Ok, so when I decided to post two days a week versus five I thought it would be a breeze. What I am finding out is that the routine of posting daily is actually easier. With the beautiful weather we're having I am thoroughly enjoying my days and evenings; so much that I am loosing track of what day it is.

Tonight we celebrated (a little late) "the last day of school, and the beginning of summer". It's an event that my sister started a few years ago. We all meet at a local beach, eat tons of pizza, take a bunch of pictures, swim, and  laugh a ton. Tonight was no exception, we had a really great evening. 

As I got into the car I noticed that it was almost 10 pm and I still had to write my blog post. Although I'm making daily stops here and there it still takes me some time to get it all together, and seriously who can get much together at 10pm after a day in the sun and an evening at the beach? Not me! So here's what I came up with, A GIVEAWAY! 

Now we all know that we should drink plenty of water. Some people say 8 glasses, others say 10, some say it depends on your age, your gender, your height, weight, blah , blah, blah. I'm not going to get tied up in the details, all I know is that water is a must, I know it and you know it too. Without it we can experience headaches, weakness, and even crankiness. No Thanks! To avoid dehydration I think its important to always carry water with you during these summer days, so my giveaway will help you do this.

VAPUR Water Bottles! 
I have four of them, two my best friend gave me and two I purchased on my own. I love them!!, and here's why:

1. Extremely Compact & Portable
2. 16 0z. Refillable Design
3. Eco Friendly
4. Cool Color & Design
5. Dishwasher Safe
6. Freezable

How can you WIN one? Easy! Leave a comment  OR go to I Stopped Along the Way's Facebook page and tell me What Your Favorite Family Tradition Is

I will randomly pick one reader to win 2 VAPUR Water Bottle.

Good Luck & Keep Hydrated! Compliments of VAPUR!


  1. that container is super cool! no more lugging around heavy bottles.

  2. our tradition is taking a family camping trip up north to Mackinac and heading over to Mackinac Island

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