Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Loved It, So I Hung It

Remember last month when my sister gifted me with Sam, the designer that transformed my living room into a more functional space? Well, one of the projects that has been lingering since his visit is a photo / art montage for the back of  my couch. That's quite a project that requires, time and patience. Both of which I do not have. So this past week I was on the hunt for something temporary to put behind the couch until I could tackle the picture project. 

Now, when I say hunt I mean "let's go into the back yard " and see if there are any relics that need excavating. Since I live in the woods I always seem to find things buried in the dirt. Apparently years ago people buried their trash, and now I'm finding it. Kind of fun. So off I went, gloves in one hand, and shovel in the other to see what treasure I'd find......and then there it was. The flat steel rim of a wagon wheel. I had some leftover garland that I had made out of sweaters so I started to wrap it around the wheel, and suddenly it became ART! I know that art is  subjective, so if you don't see beauty in this it's ok, but  I loved it, so I hung it.

If you need a designer to help you hang your art, here's Sam's information

If you need an excavator to find your art you can always contact me ;-)

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  1. i love your art! that' awesome! now i want to make one. thanks for sharing.