Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh, What's A Buck?

What can $1 dollar get you? A whole lot of fun that’s what!
The other day I stopped your local dollar store. As I browsed isles of …“oh what’s a buck isles” I spotted these colorful water squirters.

I picked up 4 (ok so it’s slightly more than my buck theory) along with a few bright pink “oh what’s a buck” flamingos, and a couple  “oh what’s a buck” water noodles and I was ready for some summer fun.

I happily placed the pink flamingos on my lawn, and cut the water noodles into sea anemones  (for one of my under the ocean summer craft projects). The squirters got placed in the shed….until Sunday when I was relaxing in my hammock. It was really hot and I got a light bulb idea. WATER SUIRTER FUN! So I rounded up the troops, filled a bucket of water, and gave each of us a squirter. Minutes later we were deep in battle rounding the house, hiding in bushes, and running for our lives. We had tons of fun.

So that’s what $1 can get you, well actually just a bit more unless  you want to just squirt yourself, or want to terrorize everyone but yourself.

1 comment:

  1. Great FUN! Can't wait to make a Dollar Store trip myself! Maybe those will make it to Newton this weekend for some water action here!
    I know you LOVE this heat...beach days are here SOON! Can't wait for that with you my friend.