Thursday, September 29, 2011

Do You Have A Costume?

This past Sunday I was at the mall; anyone that knows me knows that malls are not my favorite thing. They tend to be noisy, crowded, and in general overwhelming. There are two places that I do like, and that make the mall experience a bit more enjoyable for me,
1. Pretzel Time pretzels, 2. Anthropologie. Both are a treat for me, especially Anthropologie.

As I buzzed into one store and out of another I noticed a display that they had on the upper section. The textures and colors intrigued me so I went to have a closer look. The Massachusetts College Of Art & Design currently has a display at the Burlington Mall, that I think you'll agree is pretty impressive. Students took everyday common materials, and created a piece of wearable art.  Wow, what a talented group of young adults. Here are some of the pieces that stood out to me. I can even see them as a Halloween costume, can't you? Do you have your costume yet? If not I'd suggest grabbing a fist-full of straws and getting busy.

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  1. saw these at the mall...their fashion show was today! i was gunna go but i missed it :( so coool though