Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is It Time To Harvest, Hunt or To Wine?

Grapevines Plucked

This past weekend my family got together at my dad's house for a Harvest Day. I always thought that it was just a time to gather, barbecue, pick some crops, press some grapes and carve some pumpkins, but apparently there is a real purpose for this season, and has been for many generations. Since my father grew up on a farm in Portugal he is familiar with what to do during each farming month, he is also familiar with the moon cycle which has always been a guide for farmers.
Grapes Pressed 

Certain moons call for harvesting while others for hunting. Full moons have traditional names, from many different cultures, and coincide with the months or seasons of the year. For example:

  • January – Wolf Moon
  • February – Snow Moon 
  • March – Storm Moon 
  • April – Pink Moon 
  • May – Flower Moon 
  • June – Strawberry Moon 
  • July – Buck Moon 
  • August – Sturgeon Moon 
  • September – Harvest Moon
  • October – Hunter's Moon
  • November – Beaver Moon
  • December – Cold Moon

Garden Harvested
This past Tuesday evening, October 11, was the Hunter's Moon. It got its name because Native Americans used this moon as they tracked and killed their prey during the autumn moonlight. It is also called the Wine Moon because of its color; my dad calls it the wine moon because that's when he typically plucks the vines and presses his grapes for his wine. It's quite a time, and the Indian Summer weather that we had added to the beauty of our Harvest Day. 
What about you? Is it time for you to Harvest, Hunt, or Wine? 

Pumpkins Carved

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  1. love the moon meanings! so interesting. oh and those carved pumpkins look awesome :)