Thursday, December 1, 2011

Are You In Charge Of The Appetizer

It's December, and it's that time of year when people all across the globe pull out there recipe books to bake and make some of their most favorite recipes. The other day when I stopped by a friend’s house I was so impressed at the array of yummy treats that she had made. One of my favorite was her homemade hummus. If I could spoon it out of it's serving dish and stuff it down my mouth I would... but instead of making a pig of myself I decided when I got home to open my own recipe folder to see if I had a recipe of my very own. Amazing enough I did. I found a Martha Stewart hummus recipe for a mint and parsley hummus....ooh sounded so good, so I decided to try to make it. 

Now I will say that sometimes Martha's idea of a simple recipe is a bit skewed, but this one was really simple. I also love the color that it is (green) perfect for this time of if you're in charge of bringing an appetizer to your next party, I'd say this one would be a hit. Enjoy! 

Click here for the recipe: Martha Stewart Living, May 2007 

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